What is the u3a?

Our name indicates that, after the first age of childhood and full-time education and the second age of work and raising a family, there comes the third age of retirement when people are free to get together and to follow interests for which they previously have not had time.  However, just as a 'normal' university has its social and leisure activities, the u3a is a mixture of interests encompassing intellectual, arts, craft, social, leisure and sporting activities.

Members of like minds and interests meet in activity groups regularly in each other's homes or at some other suitable venue to pursue their chosen activities.   More...

Who can join?

There are no restrictions on who can join. Most activities and events take place during the day on weekdays, so to participate, you need to be free at the time your chosen activities occur. This makes the u3a most suitable for anyone retired or not in full-time employment.   More...

Are qualifications needed?

The only qualification needed is an interest in the activity you have chosen to pursue. No certificates or diplomas are awarded and there are no examinations.

What does it cost and how do I join?

No more subscriptions are being taken for 2021/22. Subscriptions for 2022/23 (£35) will be taken from 1st July. New members joining from this date may use their membership for the remaining months of 2021/22.   More...

How do I participate in Activities?

There are two types of activity. 

  1. Activities done in groups on a regular basis in a set venue organised by Group Organisers. There may be more than one group doing the same activity and you need to join a group to participate. You may attend one meeting as a taster before joining the u3a.
  2. General activities in which any member may participate, but, depending on the activity, you may need to book for it to secure a place.


Who are the Group Organisers?

In the u3a there is no distinction between those who learn and those who teach.  Group Organisers are themselves members and are often participants in other groups.  It could be you.

What does one get from the u3a?

The main aim of the u3a is to assist retired people in developing their interests within a social environment.  It is run by members for its members.   More...

Swindon u3a Open Day

Once a year, on a Saturday closest to the 'beginning of the year' on 1st September, the Swindon u3a runs an Open Day to showcase all that we do.  If you are new to the u3a and want to see what we have to offer, come along to the Open Day.   Click here for more details.