IMPORTANT: Due to the coronavirus situation, we will not be taking membership applications from 1st June in 2020. Membership for 2019/20 has been extended until 31st December 2020. Official guidance will govern the resumption of group meetings and this may be earlier than 31st December. Please disregard any dates relating to membership application that you see on the website. Further information will be published when more is known.

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Courses and Events

See our activity groups above for our regular activities. On-line registration is possible for some of the special courses and events run by Swindon U3A.


Listen to Podcasts about Swindon U3A from Swindon 105.5.

Study days Diary

Study days on specialist topics are run by the U3A Trust and the various regional networks.

Non-U3A Events Diary

Local events which may be of interest to some of our members.

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At Home

We will be spending more time at home over the next few days. Click here for extra facilities that are being made available during this time. Your groups may also be publishing extra ideas of what to do; see your groups' programmes for further information.


The year runs from 1st September to 31st August . You may now join for 2020-21 and this will also allow you to participate for the remainder of 2019-20. A year's subscription (£32 for 2020-21) allows you to join as many groups as you like. Some groups may have extra charges for materials or special equipment, but these are usually small and stated in the individual group details.


Life, Leisure and Learning
Learn, Laugh and Live

In our third age we are free to enjoy learning and to have fun doing it. Swindon U3A has 0 members and over 175 groups giving a wide variety of both academic and leisure activities.

The majority of the group activities take place during the day on weekdays and typically last two hours. Groups may meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Some groups also arrange one day or longer visits.

General events may take place at any time.


What's On

Mon, 20-Jul-20 at The Watermill Theatre: Our Man in Havana (RG20 8AE)

Theatregoers visit The Watermill Theatre: Our Man in Havana
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Contact Anne Hembery or Anne Hembery for further information.

Wed, 29-Jul-20 at Highgrove Royal Gardens (GL8 8TN)

Gardening visit Highgrove Royal Gardens
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Contact Kath McDonald for further information.

Mon, 24-Aug-20 to Fri, 28-Aug-20 at Deleights and History of Liverpool (L1 1HR)

Travel Study Group J visit Deleights and History of Liverpool
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Contact Ken Ivie for further information.

Sat, 5-Sep-20 10:00 - 12:30 at St Joseph's College (SN3 3LR)


Come along to our Open Day and to find out about Swindon U3A and to talk to some of our Group organisers. ...
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Mon, 9-Nov-20 to Fri, 13-Nov-20 at Holiday to Thursday Christmas Spectacular (NR21 0AS)

Travel Study Group G visit Holiday to Thursday Christmas Spectacular
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Contact Sue York for further information.

Sat, 14-Nov-20 10:00 - 12:00 at Coleview Community Centre (SN3 4AS)

Academic Lecture - "Mad, Bad & Dangerous to know". This is an extract from Dr Harkup's website: Scientist's sometimes ...
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Contact Sandra Mulcahy for further information.

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