Tips on Searching for Group Activities

The Group Activities can be listed in a number of different ways. A small down pointing triangle to the right of a menu item ( ▾ ) means there is a further sub-menu available. Wherever you see the pointing finger symbol for the cursor, a listing of the groups is availale. So there is often a choice at the 'parent' level which will list all choices in the sub-menu. Thus the Languages option has a sub-menu for the individual languages, but clicking on Languages will list all the language groups, while clicking on French in the submenu will list only the French Groups.

Navigating the menu can be a problem if the mouse does not move in a horizontal direction into a submenu that is on the right. The trick here is to move the cursor up and down on the right-hand side of the menu block. The items in the menu will still go white as the cursor passes down the menu, even though the cursor may not be over the actual text of the item. If there is a further sub-menu, then that will automatically show as the cursor passes over the appropriate line, but since the cursor is now immediately next the sub-menu, it is easier to move over to the sub-menu.

As long as the cursor stays in a menu block, the menu will remain available. Choices may be continue to be clicked and will be listed but may not be scrolled without loosing the menu. To collapse the drop down menu, move the cursor off the menu.

The Group listings are colour coded in two ways,

  1. In the header for each activity to show whether the activity takes place in the
    • morning - beige
    • afternoon - light blue
    • anytime - tan
  2. For the day; the colour coding for days is attributed to the Khmer and Tai peoples (see Wikipedia)

To the left of the group title, you will see two numbers in the format 4 (of 21). The 4 indicates that it is the fourth group in the list and the 21 that there are 21 groups in total in the selection.