1 (of 2) Money Matters  
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm  
Frequency: Every 4 weeks from 25th October 2017 Next meeting: Wed, 9-May-18
Where: Toothill Church, Dunwich Drive, Toothill, SN5 8SX
Organiser: Tina Reed
Status: Waiting list Limit: none given Email the group organisers
Description: We hope to learn about the economic implications of current affairs. Members suggest the topics in advance. Some research is necessary, but on a voluntary basis. Meetings start with a presentation or talk on the specific topic, followed by friendly discussions. No previous training or knowledge is required, just an interest in learning together by participation. Current topics include: "NHS" "UK tax system" "Local government finance" "customs unions"

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2 (of 2) Current Affairs  
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm  
Frequency: Fortnightly from 7th September 2017 Next meeting: Thu, 3-May-18
Where: Eastcott Community Hall, Savernake Street, Old town, SN1 3LZ
Organiser: David Todd
Status: Spaces Limit: none given Email the group organisers
Description: A forum to discuss local, national and international events in a friendly atmosphere. Members agree topics each session and get equal opportunity to voice their opinions, in turn, in a non confrontational way. Come along and let other members benefit from your views and experience, or simply to just listen. A mediator ensures no-one dominates the discussion!