1 (of 2) Current Affairs  
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm  
Frequency: Fortnightly from 7th September 2017 Next meeting: Thu, 25-Jan-18
Where: Eastcott Community Hall, Savernake Street, Old town, SN1 3LZ
Organiser: David Todd
Status: Spaces Limit: none given Email the group organisers
Description: A forum to discuss local, national and international events in a friendly atmosphere. Members agree topics each session and get equal opportunity to voice their opinions, in turn, in a non confrontational way. Come along and let other members benefit from your views and experience, or simply to just listen. A mediator ensures no-one dominates the discussion!

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2 (of 2) Money Matters  
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm  
Frequency: Every 4 weeks from 25th October 2017 Next meeting: Wed, 14-Feb-18
Where: Toothill Community Centre, Bodiam Drive, Toothill, SN5 8DH
Organiser: Tina Reed
Status: Waiting list Limit: none given Email the group organisers
Description: We hope to learn about the economic and financial implications of current affairs. Members select a number of topics and do the initial research. This will then be shared within the group in the following meeting for further discussion. No previous training or knowledge is needed and we will not get too technical. All you need is an interest in learning together by participation. Possible topics include: "Can we truly have a cashless society?" "The impact of automation and AI". "What does rent control mean"?