1 (of 2) Current Affairs  
1:50 pm - 3:30 pm
Frequency: Fortnightly on Thursday from 5th September 2019 Next meeting: Thu, 28-Oct-21
Where: On-line meetings
Organiser: Dave Todd
Status: Video meetings Limit: 30 Email the group organisers
Description: Weekly whilst using Zoom. A forum to discuss local, national and international events in a friendly atmosphere. Members agree topics each session and get equal opportunity to voice their opinions, in turn, in a non confrontational way. Come along and let other members benefit from your views and experience, or simply to just listen. A mediator ensures no-one dominates the discussion!

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2 (of 2) Global warming and the economy  
9:45 am - 12:15 pm
Frequency: 1st Monday of the month from 7th October 2019 Meetings suspended
Where: Meetings suspended
Status: Suspended Limit: none given Please phone the office (614629) for this group
Description: Most people probably accept that global warming is real and linked to human activity. The connection between global warming and economic growth, however, may not be generally appreciated. The group will seek to develop an understanding of this link and explore ideas to address the coming global crisis.